Green Lung + Iron Jinn + guest

16. August 2024


A cult band in every sense of the word, Green Lung emerged from London’s heavy rock scene with self-released debut EP Free the Witch (2018). Drawing on a host of peculiarly British musical influences, from doomy hard rock to pastoral prog and psych to the Hammer Horror theatrics of the NWOBHM, the band have swiftly risen to the forefront of the UK metal scene. Lyrically celebrating the folklore, myths and legends of Britain, they conjure the wild and witchy spirit of their forebears for a new generation.
Signed to Nuclear Blast, Green Lung have released three critically acclaimed albums, Woodland Rites (2019), Black Harvest (2021) and This Heathen Land (2023). They have toured internationally with Clutch, and performed on festival stages from Roadburn to Download. Their latest album This Heathen Land landed at #1 on the UK’s Official Rock and Metal Album Chart.
‘This is heavy metal how it should be done' The Guardian
Iron Jinn are Oeds Beydals (The Devil’s Blood, Death Alley), Wout Kemkens (Shaking Godspeed, De Niemanders), Bob Hogenelst (Birth of Joy) and Gerben Bielderman (Pauw). Their self-titled debut is a frantic album that follows the logic of a dream: none. The nine songs are the result of a chaotic accumulation of modern world impressions, information and conversations that are forcefully pushed through a human funnel: the minds of Oeds and Wout.
Guitarists/songwriters Oeds and Wout crossed paths for several years whilst playing in Death Alley and Shaking Godspeed. Finding common ground in challenging the status quo in heavy rock music, their first real get-together birthed a festival: the all-nighter Last Night On Earth. For their second collaboration they took to the Roadburn 2018 stage and performed new original material as Iron Jinn (then spelled ‘Iron Chin’). After their Roadburn live debut they kept on writing, teamed up with longtime friend and powerhouse drummer Bob and commenced the recordings for this debut album in the spring of 2021. After that Gerben was added to the band’s line-up