The Sonic Dawn + The Golden Grass

SAMSTAG, 22. APRIL 2023 -  19:00 UHR

 The Rock Freaks are proud to present to you NYC power 70s Rock trio The Golden Grass, that has team up with Danish Acid Rock masters to play on this evening for you Freaks!

Both bands will release new albums on Heavy Psych Sounds in 2023.

The Golden Grass embodies the glory of harmony filled, catchy and tough rock n roll of the 60s/70s without being revisionists and are looking at a long and successful tour-history in both, Europe and the USA.

The Sonic Dawn is known as one of the most notable acid rock / rock and roll bands to emerge in recent years and as very prolific live performers. They have hypnotized audiences at hundreds of shows all over Europe, often turning concerts into outright dance freak-outs.

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