*AUSVERKAUFT* Naxatras & The Cosmic Dead & Timestone & Dead Quiet

Freitag, 19. Oktober 2018 um 19:00

Naxatras [gr] - Hard Psychedelic Rock

The Cosmic Dead [uk] - Kosmische Musik

Timestone [oe] - Progressive-Psychedelic-Doom

Dead Quiet [ca] - Melodic doom / Stoner Rock


Hier ein paar wichtige Infos für Euch.
Erstmal vielen Dank - wir sind ausverkauft!!
Die Freak Valley Festival 2019 Early Bird Tickets kosten 79€. 
Ihr könnt euch am Einlass einen Ticket-Bon geben lassen. Dieser Bon garantiert euch, dass Ihr während der Veranstaltung ein Early Bird Ticket erwerben könnt. (Geld passend wäre super!!). Leider können wir nur EIN TICKET PRO PERSON verkaufen.

Und hier der Timetable:

19:00 Doors
19:30-20:10 - Dead Quiet
20:40-21:20 - Timestone
21:50-23:00 - Naxatras
23:30-dawn - The Cosmic Dead

FB-Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1778306148916518/


NAXATRAS is part of those bands which take its inspiration from the roots of music, where it all started. Like bands like Goat or Master Musicians of Bukkake, Naxatras is born with this will to bring (back?) psychedelic music to his foundation, primary beats, spirits incantations and shamanic vibes! 

It’s hard not to think about bands like Papir or the mighty Causa Sui when you hear them play!

Having this spiritual way of playing is a strong and powerful weapon to create effective and trippy songs. OM definitely knows that, and Naxatras definitely want your full body to dance in a trance. Nothing here will crush your soul like Al’s bassline but everything here will elevate you! Naxatras is a great combination of musicians with a clear universe in mind they want to offer you, the best is still to come… Naxatras is tripping, softly strong, got this jazzy feeling to it, that make their songs beautiful and touching. In this trip you will travel anywhere you want if you decide to take Naxatras as the pilot of your flight! You can trust them, remove your seatbelt and enjoy the trip!


THE COSMIC DEAD are a psychonautal cosmodelic buckfaustian quartet from Glasgow, Scotland.

"Like a careening, uncontainable torrent of Buckfast-powered kosmische chaos, whatever your feelings

towards the Scottish quartet's synth-washed space-jams on record, their performance is something like

having Ken Kesey and Spacemen 3 pour Irn-Bru directly into your third eye." - The Quietus 


Through the “Sky Valley” with the “Desert Cruiser” and an “Albino Rattlesnake” on your shoulder!!!

With this spirit TIMESTONE goes on a musical journey from the dusty desert across the infinite expanses of the universe, till finally approaching to land on the moon…

The only question left: “In which f*ckin desert between Linz and Berlin took those guys off?!”


DEAD QUIET deal out the psyched-out riffs in which to lose your mind!

While many bands with roots in stoner rock and doom metal adhere to a comfortable code of regressive repetition, Dead Quiet honour the greats of the genre without ever sounding like a lazy pastiche. Veering from full-throttle metal riffing to swirling, woozy psychedelic squalls with the ease of intuitive masters, they sound like a band that simply understand what makes heavy music tick and why enduring ideas are very often the best ones.