Freitag, 17. April 2015

Einlaß: 20 Uhr - VVK 12€ // AK 16€ [Studenten jeweils die Hälfte]

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MANTAR - two piece monster from northern germany.
true battle hymns and sinister sounds of darkness. no gimmicks, no image, pure rage. bone crushin' like the berzerker's path. in spite of the fact no bassguitar has been used on the record, MANTAR manages to sound even meaner and heavier than a five piece band due to superior skills in general.
flogging beats and blackened melodies meet feedback

THE LONE CROWS are a Blues Rock band based in Minneapolis, MN. With a sound focused on Soul, Improvisation, and Dynamic song-writing, The Lone Crows combine Blues Rock, Grunge, Reggae, Heavy Metal, Psychedelic, Stoner Rock, Post Rock, and Funk, harkening back to the classic 60s and 70s Rock gods while defying all but the most abstract categorization.

Forged in the fires of Mount Dandenong (Melbourne, Australia) RIFF FIST formed in 2011 with the sole purpose of making your head bang, arse shake and ears bleed. This unlikely trio is armed with inside jokes, guitar-bass-drums, steady Fu Manchu, Clutch and Kyuss influences and have emerged to unleash their caffeinated stoner-sludge riffage on all nonbelievers!

Einlaß: 20h

VVK: 12 Euro // 6 Euro (gegen Vorlage eines gültigen Perso+Studenten-/<wbr />Schülerausweises)
[manche VVK Stellen erheben eine geringe Gebühr, diese ist zusätzlich zum Normalpreis]

AK: 16 Euro // 8 Euro (gegen Vorlage eines gültigen Perso+Studenten-/<wbr />Schülerausweises)