The Shrine (US) & Dirty Fences (US) & Death Alley (NL)

The Shrine - Psychedelic Violence Rock and Roll
- ’70s punk rock
Death Alley
- Protopunk with a hint of psychedelics

Einlaß: 19:00 Uhr - Eintritt: VVK 12 € / AK 15 €

Despite forming in 2008, the Shrine feel like a band from a wilder, more reckless era. With a sound that harks back to the early days of punk and the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, the Venice, California band has a sound that evokes the past without relying on nostalgia. Made up of guitarist and vocalist Josh Landau, bassist Court Murphy, and drummer Jeff Murray, the trio merges driving energy with bluesy riffs to create a sound that feels like an unholy union between Black Flag and Black Sabbath. The Shrine debuted their self-described "psychedelic violence" in 2012 with Primitive Blast, and continued their reckless streak with a sophomore effort, Bless Off, in 2014.


Dirty Fences is a punk band with roots in both Boston and Brooklyn. Its members include Max Comaskey (bass/vocals), Jack Daves (vocals/guitar), Max Hiersteiner (drums/vocals), and Max Roseglass (guitar/vocals). As described above each member has responsibility with vocals which infuses the songs with a raw punk energy evocative of the stellar punk era of the late 1970’s. Most reminded of The Ramones but the music of Dirty Fences is an amalgam, an homage to that piece of music history.


Fresh from the filthy sewers and dark basements of Amsterdam, Death Alley deliver heavy punked-out proto-metal in spades. The band, revolving around former The Devil's Blood guitarist Oeds Beydals and ex-members of Gewapend Beton and Mühr, mainline an unorthodox cross contamination of The MC5, Captain Beyond, Blue Öyster Cult, Motörhead and Black Sabbath, defining good ‘ol, rock ‘n roll played with metal finesse and a pitch black psychedelic soul cherry on top.



Pontiak (US) & Mars Red Sky (FR)

Pontiak: Manche Bands sind fleißiger als andere. Pontiak sind fleißiger. Innocence heißt das neue Album der drei Carney Brüder – und das ist das circa siebte in acht Jahren. Manche gab es nur auf Tour, andere nur auf Vinyl, einige wurden neu aufgelegt und wenigstens eines war ein Split-Album mit den gut befreundeten Labelkollegen Arbouretum. Lohnenswert sind die Platten alle. Vorausgesetzt, man steht auf uramerikanische Musikstile und schätzt Pontiaks Spagat zwischen muskulösem, wild groovendem Psychedelic-Rock und den leichteren, atmosphärischen Ausflügen Richtung Folk und Americana. „Dabei steckt man uns wegen dieser einen Seite gerne in die Ecke mit den Heavy-Rock-Bands. Doch Pontiak sind mehr als eine heavy rockende Groovemaschine. Sie sind Jungs vom Lande und haben Neil Young ebenso verinnerlicht wie dessen Kollegen Crosby, Stills und Nash.

Mars Red Sky
: Ansteckender Groove, Melodien zum Anbeten und fette Riffs - das alles macht den unverwechselbaren Sound der Franzosen MARS RED SKY aus. Ihre Platten sind der Hammer, aber nur live auf der Bühne entfalten die Jungs ihre ganze Wucht - nicht verpassen - FUZZ!




Valley of the Sun (US) & Bite the Bullet (DK) & Pastor (AT)

Valley of the Sun - Cincinnati “Volume Rock” power trio

Bite The Bullet - Fuzzrock from Copenhagen [Ex-Highway Child]

- Heavy Rock / Doom from Vienna

Doors: 20:00


VALLEY OF THE SUN : There is a smoldering hotbed of Rock and Roll in the most unlikely of places; Ohio. Some time ago, the Devil came to sew his seed throughout the state leaving every city with it’s own High Priests of Hellish Riffs. The congregation of Cincinnati’s Church of Rock and Roll is watched over by Valley of the Sun, and a well tended flock they are. Riff after righteous riff is thrown from the pulpit with the fury of fire and brimstone, so come out to the Rock and Roll Revival, bring your offering and prepare to be anointed!

Web: https://www.facebook.com/valleyofthesun

BITE THE BULLET celebrate amazing rock tunes with a perfect blend of Blues, Fuzz and late 60’s or 70’s elements. The Copenhagen band has developed and refined the sound originated from their former band HIGHWAY CHILD, and the result is five catchy tunes that will spin in your ears for a long time!

Pure, authentic, bluesy, rock music with the heart in the right place - A lesson in the joy of playing, fuzz-sound and pure love for the music!

Web: http://

PASTOR started jamming in late 2012. The group consists of four young men with an intense love to the art of music. Their various influences can be drawn from your dad’s record collection (well, if he was actively listening from 1968 to 1978). The tunes are filled with fine riffs, spaced out solos and hard hitting rhythm sections. Yet Pastor tries to break through the niche and clichés by mixing the sound with a bands unique character. Come to the Sabbath...

Web: http://



DŸSE [D] & The Cyborgs [IT] & Mount Salem [US]

DŸSE Band Official: Die Band DŸSE ist ein Duo. Rock, Jazz, HipHop, Punk, Drum n Bass, Noiserock etc. - DŸSE zerlegt diverse Genre und baut sie in komplexen, aber stimmigen Kompositionen wieder zusammen.

the Cyborgs is a two man band of "elektrock" boogie.

Mount Salem: Rock and Roll/ Doom from Chicago IL

Einlaß: 20 Uhr - Eintritt: VVK 12 € / AK 15 € (erm. 12 €)

Die Band DŸSE ist ein Duo, bestehend aus Andrej Dietrich (Gitarre, Gesang) und Jarii van Gohl (Schlagzeug, Gesang), das 2003 in Amsterdam gegründet wurde.
Keine Superlative, keine Übertreibungen. DŸSE ist, was DŸSE ist. Ein Band, die durch ihre Musik und ihre Liveperformance zu überzeugen weiß.
Der Sound von DŸSE wird durch dynamische Schlagzeugrhythmen und kernige Gitarrenriffs bestimmt.
Rock, Jazz, HipHop, Punk, Drum n Bass, Noiserock etc. - DŸSE zerlegt diverse Genre und baut sie in komplexen, aber stimmigen Kompositionen wieder zusammen.

THE CYBORGS is a two man band of "elektrock" boogie.
They have their own dirty blues elektro shit and they play even some traditional songs of the early years of delta blues.

"MOUNT SALEM's droning, driving doom will cast its spell on you" Metal Hammer UK

"Drawing from the riffage of Black Sabbath and the swagger of Pentagram, Chicago's Mount Salem has created a blinding, groove oriented psychedelic tapestry that infuses the fuzz and growl of 70s metal with the melodic attack of a contemporary act." Outburn Magazine

“Endless feels like it’s trapped in the nightmarish head-space of a psychic medium on a bad trip” – Mister Growl of MisterGrowl.com



The Golden Grass (US) & Wild Eyes (US) & Travelin Jack (D)

The Golden Grass
- a soulful heavy psychedelic boogie band...they play feel-good music, inspired by groups like Cactus & The Move.

Wild Eyes
- San Francisco Acid Rock n' Rollers Disaster!

Travelin Jack
- Glitter is bigger than satan!


VVK: 10€ | AK 13€
Doors: 20:00


THE GOLDEN GRASS is free-wheelin, good-time rock and roll band. They play a soulful mix of heavy-country-funk-boogie and progressive-psychedelic-freakbeat. Their music is bursting with a feel-good energy, inspiring with an earnest vibe, and classic in a modern time.

WILD EYES: Blue Cheer kidnaps Tina Turner and ties her to the tracks of the Grand Funk Railroad. The Wild Eyes express bears down from San Francisco, wheels churning. In the tender, drummer Ben Richardson and bassist Carson Binks (Saviours, Dzjenghis Khan) fuel the engine with syncopated clatter and incendiary rumble. Whirling riffs and searing, psychedelic solos by guitarist Chris Corona (Floating Goat, Hazzard's Cure) soar from the smokestack. Just before the crash, a soulful siren: singer Janiece Gonzalez, whose warning comes too late. Carnage! Then, from the wreckage – twisted metal, pulverized rock, burning soul – comes their sophomore album on Heavy Psych Sounds records. Celebration! The Wild Eyes express thunders on!


TRAVELIN JACK - a Hard Rock Band from Berlin that is mostly inspired by Rock Music of the 70s, such as Slade, AC/DC, Deep Purple and UFO, with a profound love for glitter and high power performances.
So you better lean back, relax and open your ears!
This is the new Rock'n'Roll sensation.

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