Windhand (US) & Inter Arma (US)

Windhand is a stoner, doom metal band.

combine a punk rock ethos with an esoteric blend of psychedelia, black metal and doom/sludge.

Einlaß: 20 Uhr - Eintritt: VVK 9 € / AK 12 € (erm. 9 €)

WINDHAND founded in 2009 in Richmond VA, is a stoner, doom metal band made up of Aschiah Bogdan, Parker Chandler, Dorthia Cottrell, Garrett Morris, and Ryan Wolfe. They have been compared to Electric Wizard, Blood Ceremony, the Devil’s Blood, and Black Sabbath. In March 2012, Windhand released their self-titled debut which quickly became an underground hit, selling out of multiple vinyl presses in a matter of months. It was recorded and mixed at the Dark Room by Garrett Morris and mastered at Slipped Disc Audio by Bill McElroy in 2011. After a steady touring schedule, the band collaborated with Richmond brethren Cough on a split entitled “Reflections of the Negative” due out on Relapse Records in April 2013. Windhand officially signed to Relapse Records in March 2013 and will release their highly anticipated sophomore debut later this fall.

INTER ARMA formed in 2006 is one of the most talked about heavy bands to come out of Richmond, VA . The group (consisting of T.J. Childers - Drums, Steven Russell - Guitars, Trey Dalton - Guitars, Mike Paparo - Vocals, Joe Kerkes - Bass) released their crushing debut full-length Sundown via Forcefield Records in 2010 to much critical acclaim. Combining a punk rock ethos with an esoteric blend of psychedelia, black metal, and doom/sludge, the quintet quickly developed a name for themselves in the underground through relentless touring and mesmerizing live performances. After Sundown's release, Inter Arma began a rigorous DIY touring schedule, playing shows with bands like Cough, Krallice, Mutant Supremacy, Castevet, Royal Thunder, Ken Mode, The Body, Hull, Batillus, Black Breath and many more.



Föllakzoid (CL) & Special Guest

FÖLLAKZOID - Hypnotischer TranceRock a la NEU! und CAN.

Doors: 20:00

Tickets: soon

Diese chilenische Formation schöpft ihre Energie aus einem unerschütterlichen Motor des pulsierenden Beats, der den Vortex Surfer heute in den kosmischen Outerspace beamen wird. Zischelnde analoge Synthesizer umweben den stetig rollenden Beat, verbinden sich mit monolithischen Riffs und entwickeln einen hypnotischen Puls, der unaufhaltsam den Weltraum anvisiert. Instrumentaler, hypnotischer Trancerock mit Krautrockwarpfaktor 10!!! Ich habe selten ein Album gehört, daß mich so in seinen Bann gezogen wie dieses gigantische Werk und ich kann es kaum abwarten FÖLLAKZOID live zu erleben, mich von ihnen auf einen kosmischen Trip entführen zu lassen.

Space on!!!





Kylesa (US) & Hot Lunch (US) & Moon Coven (SW) & Lazer/Wolf [US]

KYLESA are a sludge metal act from Savannah, Georgia.

HOT LUNCH aus San Francisco ist die heisseste Skate-Rock-Band der heutigen Zeit.

MOON COVEN is a five piece psychedelic stoner rock band hailing from the town of Jönköping in the southern parts of Sweden.
Lazer/Wulf is an experimental Metal Trio from Athens/Atlanta, GA

Achtung: Am nächsten Tag ist FEIERTAG!!

Doors: 19:00


(Season of Mist)

Die Schwermetaller aus Georgia stehen für eine moderne Variante des Heavy ein, in denen die gerne strikt definierten Genres aufgelöst und zusammengebracht werden. Technisch gesehen finden sich Elemente des Doom Metal, von Stoner und Punkrock, von Shoegaze und HipHop und Wave, von Psychedelic und Sludge, von diesem und jenem. Auch auf ihrem jüngsten Album „Ultraviolet“, das ähnlich gefeiert wird wie der Vorgänger „Spiral Shadows“, lässt sich nachvollziehen, wie egal solche Einteilungen der Band sind. Das Doppelschlagzeuggewitter, der vokale Wechsel zwischen tiefem Grummeln, klaren Höhen, lautem Gekreisch und Sprechgesang, die Gitarrensoli und -riffs sind so typisch wie eh, in den Lyrics wird auf alptraumhafte Szenarien zurückgegriffen, der Sound wechselt so oft und so schnell wie die Stimmen. Kylesa sind ein Gewitter, wenn auch nicht gerade ein reinigendes, das sich am 18. Juni 2014 auch über dem Moshpit im Siegender Vortex Surfer entladen wird.


Präsentiert wird die Tour von Metal Hammer, Visions und concert-news.de.


(TeePee Rec./WCYT Rec./Burger Rec./HPS Rec.)

Hot Lunch is a punk ‘n’ roll band from the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area that specializes in getting loud, getting weird and getting rad. The quartet’s unique blend of brown-acid skate-rock and wah-fuzz proto-metal was born in the bowels of skatanic rituals, biker beer busts and wizard staff meetings. With a head-bludgeoning sound that refuses to take sides (and showers), Hot Lunch are on a hell-bent mission to create the best party soundtrack in the history of all music. Their self-titled debut album was recorded by Tim Green at Louder Studios and is available on all formats by Who Can You Trust? Records (EU), Tee Pee Records and Burger Records (US).

"A blast of 60's acid rock seemingly unearthed after decades of rock 'n' roll mediocrity necessitated its rebirth" – Thrasher Magazine

"A glorious tangle of sixties style psych, eighties punk rock, hairy fuzzy proto-metal and seriously shredding guitar mastery" – Aquarius Records

“They have distilled the best of garage punk, hesher heaviosity, The Blacks (Sabbath and Flag) and their self-titled LP on Tee Pee Records should be considered required study at your local campuses, skateparks, and dive bars.”
– Steve Turner (Mudhoney)

“Hot Lunch is a daft enough name to get noticed and too great a debut LP to pass un-noticed. Those of you with a perma-jones for true proto-metal of the highly imaginative variety should rush out with the readies, and right now!”
– Julian Cope (Head Heritage)

“Everything about this album screams of the late 60’s/early 70’s right down to the reverb ridden production and amps being pushed so hard you can almost smell the dust burning off the valves." – Ollie Stygall (The Sleeping Shaman)

Hot Lunch is: Eric Shea (lead vocals), Aaron Nudelman (lead guitar), Rob Alper (lead drums) and Charlie Karr (lead bass).


(Transubstans Rec.)

Swedish MOON COVEN takes everything you ever knew about psychedelic rock, stoner and space rock and transforms it into a completely new concept. Their debut EP "Amanita Kingdom", for sure will make its mark in modern stoner history. With their entangling, hypnotic wall of sound, MOON COVEN allows the unaware listener to sink into their world of depth. On only these five tracks you can fully appreciate the variety of the band - from the sludgy, droned-out zombie tunes of tracks like "Ruler Of Dust" and "Amanita Kingdom" to the harmony and beauty of tracks like "We Were Conquerors".


Lazer/Wulf is an instrumental metal trio, sometimes with distant vocals, or maybe it's an evil funk group with thrash roots, or a jazz trio from prog-Hell.



Valient Thorr (US) & The Colts (D)

Valient Thorr - Kickass Rock 'N' Roll from Venus
The Colts - Kickass Rock 'N' Roll from Olpe


VALIENT THORR: Magisches Sound-Gebräu aus Retrorock, Alternative, Psychedelic & Prog. Hart, präzise und Old School, das sind die Schlagworte, die Valient Thorr beschreiben. Dominiert von 70er-Jahre Metal-Gitarren, dazu ein wenig 80er Trashmetal, die 90er sind ihnen fast schon zu progressiv.
Den Ruf als eine der besten Livebands unserer Zeit verdanken sie u.a. auch ihrer Erfahrung, denn seit 2003 spielten die Jungs um Frontmann Valient Himself mehr als 1.500 Liveshows und tourten ausgiebig u.a. mit Motörhead, Anthrax und Mastodon. Valient Thorr gehen unbeirrt ihren Weg, weichen kein Jota vom Pflichtprogramm ab, reihen Riff an Riff, rücken imaginäre Stretchhosen zurecht. Wenn sie irgendwohin schielen, dann Richtung Iron Maiden oder Thin Lizzy.

Hier einige Zitate aus Fachmagazinen, die versuchen den musikalischen Irrsinnsritt von Valent Thorr in Worte zu fassen:

„Das hier rockt, tritt Arsch und ballert alles sehr vielversprechend.“ (Rock Hard)

„Wer cool sein möchte, hört besser mal rein!“ (Heavy)

„Als wenn Turbonegro auf Crack plötzlich Bock auf Thrash-Metal hätten.“ (Guitar)



Als THE COLTS im Jahr 2008 gegründet werden ist die Musikrichtung bereits klar: Kompromissloser Hard Rock.
Angetrieben durch die Sounds von Rockgrößen wie AC/DC, Deep Purple oder Motörhead, wurde schnell einige Bühnenerfahrung gesammelt.




Heavy Jams Part 1 - Black Wizard (US) & Hornss (US)

Black Wizard: The blurring regions between stoner rock and doom metal is where the band is set, bringing the full 70s worship, doom metal weight and psychedelic influences.

: A rousing, pacey brand of groove metal/rock full of chunky riffs and songcraft inspired, but not limited to, '70s hard rock! Solos to get the air guitars cranked up and vocals reminiscent of Ben Ward (Orange Goblin). Pump your fist, get your Hornss up and rock on!

Doors: 20:00
Tickets tba



Orange Sunshine (NL) & Planet of Zeus (GR) & Sautrus (PO)

We celebrate the Vinyl release of ORANGE SUNSHINE live at Freak Valley Festival 2013!!

Orange Sunshine: catching the very soul of the motor-blues garage-punk and acid proto-hardrock era of the late '60's and the early 70's.

Planet of Zeus
are a heavy rock, southern metal band from Athens, Greece. Their raw, sincere and constantly evolving live performances have secured them a loyal and hardcore underground following base, which exceeds Greece's geographical boarders and has led them to sharing the stage with acts like Hermano and Brant Bjork, Monster Magnet,Karma to Burn, Eyehategod, Church of Misery.

is a heavy tuned psychedelic/stoner band from North Poland formed in 2010. They combine deepest late 60's elements with hard driven metal influences and create a completely unique and mindblowing sound!

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