Freak Valley X-Mas Fest 2017

Samstag, 9. Dezember 2017 um 16:00


Die Rock Freaks & das FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL präsentieren am 09. Dezember das Freak Valley X-Mas Fest im Vortex Surfer Musikclub. Neben Livemusik gibt es heißes Vinyl, vegetarische Leckereien und einen freaky Weihnachtsmarkt.


Hier ist die Running Order:
16:00 Doors // DJ Wofo
17:20 - 18:00  Black Is? Just a Dark White
18:30 - 19:10  Supersonic Blues
19:40 - 20:40  Zone Six
21:10 - 22:00  Mammoth Mammoth
22:30 - 23:20  Toner Low
23:50 -  open end   The Flying Eyes

davor, dazwischen und danach legt DJ WoFO auf 



The Flying Eyes [us] - psychedelic blues rock

Toner Low [nl] - doom / stoner / metal

Zone Six [de] - psychedelic acid freak-outs

MAMMOTH MAMMOTH [au] - stoner / metal / rock 'n roll

Supersonic Blues [nl] - heavy psych, revolution rock, bluesrock, funk n' soul music

Black Is? just a dark white [it] - Stoner/Doom/Psychedelic/Instrumental


Vor, nach und zwischen den Bands gibt es die heißesten 70s, Stoner-, Psych, Doom, Space, Kraut Sounds von DJ Wofo. 


The Flying Eyes

The Flying Eyes are a heavy, psychedelic rock band hailing from Baltimore, USA. The band's vocalist, Will Kelly is hauntingly reminiscent of Jim Morrison with his gravelly, boozy vocals and so is the sexual undertone of most of their songs, and occasionally, ends up sounding like Glenn Danzig on the dead end of the night. Searing riffs evoke the late 60s acid-head era and exits in a superb, fuzzed and reverb-heavy sonic atmosphere.


Toner Low

Combining never ending songs and a loud, relentless sound with low-end heaviness, wild psychedelic trips and doomrockin' riffs, Toner Low are one of a kind to roam the green fields of Leiden, Holland.


Zone Zix

Founded in 1997 by Dave Schmidt (aka Sula Bassana), Zone Six are one of the first impro-bands of their genre (space- & trancerock) in Europe. The line-up of the band changed very often which made their discography very colourful but never leaving the typical Zone Six manner! Also, the Zone Six concerts are rare so it's always a kind of psychedelic happening when they enter the stage.

The band now consists of founder Dave Schmidt (aka Sula Bassana) on drums and keyboards (formerly bass), Komet Lulu on bass and Rainer Neeff on guitar. All three members also are in Krautzone, Lulu and Sula are the founders of Electric Moon and Rainer plays in The Pancakes.


Mammoth Mammoth

Self acclaimed as, ‘The most rock n roll, rock n roll band in the History of History’ and Described by one radio DJ a , ‘… a band that's impossible not to admire their sense of humour; they never take themselves too seriously - yet are hugely serious about the riffage that hits you head on!’

MAMMOTH MAMMOTH call it 'Heavy-murder-fuzz.’ And its effect as. ‘...the type of rock that sometimes kills unicorns’.

There is no argument that their dark, heavy and menacing tracks are an indelible signature that underlines their influences. 

All four share a reckless dedication to bleed for their audience. It’s certainly done no harm in establishing a strong reputation with stoner, doom and hard-rock fans.


Supersonic Blues

With the mutual love for obscure, groovy, heavy and fuzzed out music from the 1960s and 70s, soon Gianni and Timothy found themselves spinning their record collection on The Hague’s underground radio station, Radio Tonka. With the addition of drummer Lennart Jansen, Supersonic Blues was a fact. Expect some nice jams, inspired by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Blue Cheer, the MC5, Cream and even some hints of funk and soul music! Right on!


Black Is? just a dark white

"Black Is? just a dark white" create a solid mix of Stoner Rock, Doom and Psychedelia. Since their inception in 2012, the band have dropped all vocals parts from their material and honed their trademark instrumental style. Crunchy guitars and a groove-laden rhythm section take listeners on a journey through deep soundscapes with bursts of heavy rock solos and dreamy psychedelic interludes. True to the spirit of rock ’n’ roll, Black Is? just a dark white take to the road on a quest to meet new people, make new friends and share their passion.