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Freak Valley Festival 2014 sold out!


We are totally sold out - no more tickets available.

If we get some back from our local ticket offices we will sell them @ the MOUNTAIN WITCH & PRETTY LIGHTNING live @ Vortex show on 16. March.


MOTORPSYCHO confirmed for Freak Valley Festival 2014


MOTORPSYCHO has its humble beginnings in Trondheim, Norway's third biggest city. Bent Sæther (bass/vox) met up with Hans Magnus "Snah" Ryan (guitar) and Kjell Runar "Killer" Jenssen (drums) after having played in a variety of local hardrock bands, and together they formed Motorpsycho. They found the name after having seen a triple Russ Meyer movie showing at a cinema. Since the two other titles ('Mudhoney' and 'Faster Pussycat') were already taken, they settled for Motorpsycho.

In 1993 the band released DEMON BOX, which had an experimental sound, a mixture to their prog-inspired hard rock. This album marked their 'breakthrough' in the underground environments and set up Motorpsycho as a force to count on. Norwegian music press claimed this album to be one of the best rock albums ever. The band was nominated to the Norwegian Grammy's and since then, Motorpsycho has won lots of Grammy´s.

Motorpsycho is known all over the world for its psychedelic rock with their mix in elements from metal, jazz, post rock, pop and many other music styles.
There has been many changes of members in the band, but Bent and Hans Magnus have always been a part of the group. In 2007 the former drummer in Gåte, Kenneth Kapstad, became an official member. The Norwegian psychedelic rockers will make sure FREAK VALLEY 2014 will be a hell of a festival. Saturday the 31st of May is going to be Rock´n´roll baby! See you there!

Get to know them better by having a look at the links below.

TRUCKFIGHTERS - Probably the best band in the world will play Freak Valley Festival 2014



Probably the best band in the world will play Freak Valley Festival 2014

Truckfighters from Örebro (SWE) is a band already very well known within the alternative/fuzz rock genre all over the world. As the rumour goes TF is probably the best band in the world.
Live is the prime element where they fully bloom. The three piece has a raw energy, they explode transferring their power to the audience. Now closing in on 400 live gigs across four continents: Australia, Europe, North America and South America.
Truckfighters were formed eleven years ago with the intention to make fresh music with a solid foundation in the heavy rock legacy. An intention that still applies and that have been proven by a steady progress of the bands sound and songwriting over the years. TF's never been afraid of mixing different styles or trying unconventional ideas whilst song writing.

"When I grew up I came to understand that Truckfighters were not just the best band I ever heard but the best band that's ever existed”
(quote from the Truckfighters film)
"Truckfighters blast your ears with their unique take on modern rock"


American doomsters BLOODY HAMMERS will play their first European show @ Freak Valley Festival 2014


With goats on their brains and fuzz in their pedals, North Carolinian witch rocking foursome BLOODY HAMMERS will play their first European show at Freak Valley Festival 2014!!

Named after the singularly atomic Roky Erickson & The Aliens song of the same name, BLOODY HAMMERS play dark, hallucinatory heavy music that is as primitive and powerful as a dry stone wall and propelled by bassist Anders Manga's captivatingly haunting voice.

Bloody Hammers are an explosion of heavy sound and infectious melodies that has been called a psych / hard rock / horror fan's dream come true and are sure to find favor with music fans who can dig an array of dark sounds from Electric Wizard and Acid Bath to Alice Cooper and David Bowie to Joy Division and Bauhaus. Enjoy a strong display of dooming riffs, dashboard-pounding grooves and vocals that segue from angry wail to soaring croon while warning listeners of impending doom. Headed to a black mass love-in?

BLOODY HAMMERS debut in Europe is for you at Freak Valley Festival 2014!!

ADMIRAL SIR CLOUDESLEY SHOVELL will rock Freak Valley Festival 2014


British heavy upstarts ADMIRAL SIR CLOUDESLEY SHOVELL will rock Freak Valley Festival 2014

The closest you can get to describing hearing Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell’s music for the first time is that it was akin to the aural equivalent of stumbling into an 18 year-old male’s bedsit in 1973.

Status Quo, Budgie and Black Sabbath albums are piled on top of the hi-fi; torn centrefolds from Playbirds and Whitehouse are Sellotaped to the walls; Richard Allen’s Suedehead, William Burroughs’ Junkie and Francis King’s Sexuality, Magic & Perversion tumble from the window sill; crushed Courage Light Ale cans and Players No 6 packets form a tower in the corner; filthy, tight-fitting T-shirts and patched-up denim bell bottoms are strewn all over the floor. And there, in the centre, like a Biblical king surveying his domain, is the music lover – a stick-thin, back street Jesus, engrossed in the rolling of his last spliff, flowing hair all but obscuring his chops, the opening bars of The Groundhogs’ ‘Cherry Red’ blowing from the speakers around him like a sucker-punch from Heaven.

Get the picture? Good. The Shovell, as their friends and fans know them, belong spiritually to a time and place we’d all like to believe still exists somewhere – maybe that’s why their no-nonsense take on the progressive metal sound of the early-mid ’70s is so damn accessible. You don’t need a degree in doom-rock or a Masters in metal for their incorrigible clatter to strike a (power) chord – you just need ears, feet and some appreciation of what makes bands and music GOOD.

PAPIR announced to play Freak Valley Festival 2014


Denmark's instrumental psykedelisk kraut powertrio PAPIR will play Freak Valley Festival 2014

Papir is a young three-piece from Copenhagen, Denmark who has played together for years under various names while slowly, but surely, perfecting their unique brand of semi-improvisational psychedelic rock. Based around Christoffer Brøchmanns complex and powerful drumming Papir creates instrumental journeys – organic structures of sound that move forward with the hypnotic groove of Can or electric Miles Davis through euphoric peaks, thunderous riffs and beautiful cosmic dronescapes.

Nicklas Sørensens guitar playing displays his love for fuzzed-out psychedelic rock from the 1960s and 1970s but also has a highly melodic aspect that reveals his admiration for German heroes Michael Rother and Manuel Göttsching. Similarly Christian Becher Clausen’s bass playing covers a wide palette of ideas and sounds – sometimes using the instrument as a solid groove-maker and other times as a tool for crea- ting spacy soundscapes and drones. As a unit the three members achieve what the great power trios of the 1960s did at their most fertile: the ability to combine each aspect of the band into a whole that surpas- ses the sum of its parts.

ELDER play Freak Valley Festival


Your wish is our command: ELDER will play Freak Valley Festival 2014!!

We are honoured to announce that ELDER will fly over to play an exclusive show @ FVF 2014!!

Elder is the definition of a work in progress, as the group continues to meld the familiar sounds of Sleep‘s colossal riffage with their ever-evolving vision of soaring melodies and sonic soundscapes. Listeners will find themselves locked into the trio’s lengthy epics, which toe the line between the chasms of classic stoner metal and mindblowing psychedelia.


"Then up in Massachusetts you have these dudes that get stoned and actually play heavy music--and I'm fucking impressed. Sounds like Ufomammut fucking Black Sabbath sideways. I mean, this shit is psyched out to the max..."
-Thrasher Magazine, April 2009


SÓLSTAFIR will play Freak Valley Festival 2014


They come from the land of ice and snow to rock Freak Valley Festival 2014 - SÓLSTAFIR

Sólstafir is a metal band from Reykjavík, Iceland which formed in 1995 and currently has four full length releases. The band’s unique style has made it hard to categorize Sólstafir into a specific genre or group of genres.
They are known for highly energetic, epic live performances that sends the audience into a black, dusty trance. Like a trip through the volcanic Icelandic deserts.


KADAVAR confirmed to play Freak Valley Festival


!!Berlin based psychedelic hard rock trio KADAVAR confirmed to rock Freak Valley Festival 2014!!

Their sudden rise to underground fame stems from a combination of infectious riff-driven 70’s hard rock and doom-like undertones reminiscent of bands like Black Sabbath and Pentagram, with a spacey psychedelic edge likened to that of early Hawkwind and Can. Having released their 2nd album “Abra Kadavar”, this being their 1st for heavy metal label Nuclear Blast, Kadavar have been blowing minds, selling out shows, and cleaning up rave reviews everywhere they go. Now finally also on stage @ Freak Valley Festival !!

MOTHER OF GOD will rock Freak Valley Festival 2014


Swedens MOTHER OF GOD will bring their killer, full-tilt assault of stoned out, heavy rock n roll to Freak Valley Festival 2014

Born in 2008 and raised on rock in Morgårdshammar, Sweden, the four-piece Mother of God cast off a lot of the retro '70s mentality of their countrymen in favor of a more modern approach. Well, 20 years more modern, anyway. Mother of God no doubt have some appreciation for the finer things in '70s rock – there are beards to prove it – but musically they incorporate influences from grunge and the heavy grooves of the early '90s. Bands like Soundgarden and Alice in Chains mesh their downtrodden grunge melodies alongside classic inspiration drawn from Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin.

In addition to festival appearances at Getaway Rock, Wacken Open Air in Germany and Peace & Love, Mother of God have shared the stage with YOB, Dozer, Graveyard, Imperial State Electric and more, and they'll look to continue their live domination in Scandinavia and beyond in support of Anthropos, shoving their eclectic sound and undeniable hooks right in the faces of everyone who thinks they know what heavy rock should sound like.

MOTHERSHIP will play Freak Valley Festival 2014


Just when you think rock and roll is dead, along comes a band that will knock your socks off and hurl your ass to the back of the bus. Welcome to FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL 2014 Mothership !

“Been listening to MOTHERSHIP all day now and if feels like UFO and Orange Goblin got drunk with St. Vitus, smoked some weed with Blue Cheer and spewed out the tuffest blues-drenched, no frills love child I’ve heard all month. Some ridiculously badass guitars. And heavy above all else!”

- Sword of Doom

Rock n’ Roll history is rife with brothers working together to create their artistic vision. But rarely do we hear about a full-fledged family unit embarking down the treacherous path of a musical career. In the case of Texas based MOTHERSHIP, the Brother Juett (Kyle on bass, younger brother Kelley on guitar) enlisted the aid of their father, John Juett, to help get the ‘ship off the ground. Raised on a healthy dose of their father’s 70’s-era record collection, the brothers began crafting songs fueled on the raucous and raw good time vibe when music seemed to know no bounds. Lifting off the pad for the first time in 2010, the band began to gain momentum and notoriety with their unabashed live shows. Knowing that the service of the family patriarch was temporary, Father Juett actively helped his boys find his replacement, and in late 2011, enter the mighty Judge Smith to hammer away on the skins.

In early 2012, Mothership entered Crystal Clear Studios with Wo Fat mastermind Kent Stump manning the boards and by mid-year, the band self-released their debut album. It was the combination of the 70’s-era heavy rock fuzz and fury mixed with the blistering guitar solos of the NWOBHM-era that drew the bands attention to California-based Heavy Rock label, Ripple Music. In the waning months of 2012, after a successful year of traveling regionally throughout Texas and opening for national acts such as Prong, Red Fang, Gypsyhawk, Earthen Grave, and Lo-Pan, Mothership officially dubbed Ripple Music as its Home Port and began plotting a course for their first U.S. Tour in early 2013.

SUN PREACHERS confirmed to play Freak Valley Festival 2014


We are thrilled to announce the first French band confirmed for FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL 2014

SUN PREACHERS is a very heavy psychedelic rock band playing long epic hymns in the vein of Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Sir Lord Baltimore and many more legends of the amazing 70's Hard Rock Scene. Their Hard and Heavy Rock knowledge is massive and their powerful riffs will pound you in the ground. From the first chords of ""Faces of Ashes"", one gets the sense that they have stumbled upon something great, something that worshippers of authentic soulful music will recognize. The musicians are obviously stellar and there is more than a little psychedelic and progressive influence, it gives the music an interesting and fresher approach to the so called retro sound. Through dark and haunting words lead by a fallen preacher, the band feels the urge to express raw and heavy anthems. If you want to witness some atrocity exhibition, this way, step inside.

RADIO MOSCOW live @ Freak Valley Festival 2014


RADIO MOSCOW will bring their perfected ‘psychedelic blues meets stoner rock’ style to FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL 2014

Trends come and go, but the idea of a bunch of guys getting together in a garage and playing the kind of music that makes the neighbors call the cops — that’s forever. And it’s that idea that’s crystallized in the form of Radio Moscow. The power trio led by the Stratocaster genius Parker Griggs have found THE formula: powerful, crunching Sabbathstyle chords and fiery solos that earn the right to be called Hendrixian and plants its flag firmly in the territory where psychedelic rock and cranked-up blues meet. Parker’s demo caught the ear of The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, who produced the 2007 self-titled debut. With « Brain Cycles », their second album Radio Moscow proves that they’re not a cheap time machine but a direct descendant from the golden age of Rock’n’Roll. In 2011, Griggs continued his psychedelic trip with « The Great Escape of Leslie Magnafuzz » realesed by Alive Records. Now in 2013 the band is working on material for the 4th studio album due out early next year with high goals of sending you on another trip into heavy psychedelic FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL heaven.

IVY GARDEN OF THE DESERT will play Freak Valley Festival 2014


IVY GARDEN OF THE DESERT is an awesome stoner rock trio from Italy playing the same kind of fuzz ridden; hook heavy jams that have put greats like Kyuss, Dozer, Colour Haze, Magnified Eye, and Lo-Pan on the map. While the number of bands playing this stuff and sounding completely tired at doing it is going on numbering a thousand bands or more, IGOTD are one of the few getting it right. They know what a good riff sounds like, know how to play one, and aren’t afraid to shift their sound with some mirage-like dynamics that’ll have you chewing off your tongue with a mouthful of desert sand.

If you're gonna bring the fuzz, you'd better understand audiences can sift through bullshit and easily determine whether it's being used as a sonic sidecar to proficient songwriting or if you needed something to mask an otherwise weak sound. Ivy Garden of the Desert are a trio from Northern Italy who don't lay it on too thick and certainly don't rely on crust to carry their sound through wondrous expanse. Sure, you'd love to have a band like this guide you through a dusty pass, though they'd rather give you a bird's eye float over gaping canyons.


ZODIAC live @ Freak Valley Festival 2014


With a heavy 70s thunder, Germany's ZODIAC will stomp into the 2014 Freak Valley Festival

ZODIAC - Blues-influenced Hardrock with Great Guitars and Vocals.

ZODIAC already made huge waves with their first sign of life and their debut EP was awarded the "Demo of the Month" honors in the German magazines Visions and RockHard. 

The album debut "A Bit of Devil" confirmed the status of the Heavy Rock band – who add a lot of Blues to their sound – and made ZODIAC a constant in the scene. "A Hiding Place" continues the tradition of big riffs and mighty hooklines. Like no other band, ZODIAC knows how to combine insanely-melodic guitar work, groovy drums and sweeping vocal lines to an unforgettable sound experience. This is where the best of the 70s meets the modern world. "A Hiding Place" is undoubtedly the birth of a Heavy/Blues Rock legend! This band will be HUGE – you can heard them at Freak Valley Festival 2014!!


THE MIDNIGHT GHOST TRAIN announced to rock Freak Valley Festival 2014

The Midnight Ghost Train  is a heavy blues / stoner rock band hailing from Topeka, Kansas. For six solid years The Midnight Ghost Train has been touring relentlessly in both the U.S.A and Europe, spreading their own version of thick Mississippi Delta-rooted style of stoner rock. The band is most well known for their intense, passionate, and soulful live show. No matter where they are or how many people they play to, you will never find TMGT giving anything less than their absolute best.
Now with thousands of shows under their belt, TMGT has released their most recent record Buffalo on Karate Body Records. Buffalo has been highly reviewed by hundreds of different sources, many of which state that it is “the greatest stoner rock record of 2012″ – Heavy Planet.


BONE MAN will play Freak Valley Festival 2014


German Fuzz Noise Heavy Rockers BONE MAN announced to play FVF 2014

BONE MAN is a three piece heavy tuned psych band from northern Germany. The band has been shaped in times of pervasive teenage angst, and has ever since been about the corrosive hardships of life that contaminate the soul and the people in a world of mundane welfare and growing mental poverty. During our 5 year-life span they released two EPs, two split records with a German and an Italian band, one single on mini CD and one full-length album on vinyl. Since 2009, Bone Man have been touring on and off through Middle Europe, including Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Belgium and Italy. This is all about raw fuzz rock, anger, human deficiencies, the spiritual abyss and the inner swamplands. To hell with it!

BLUES PILLS live @ Freak Valley Festival 2014 !!


It's been a long, hard and winding road for mankind, but in December 2011 the moment we've all – yet unknowingly and yet unaware of our coming salvation – been waiting for finally saw the light of day. Elin Larsson, Cory Berry and Zack Anderson, all just in their early Twenties, formed a group which should quickly become one of the most acclaimed and interesting bands in music. Behold the birth of a new musical experience, an experience we thought was long gone, lost in time and space. Behold the birth of BLUES PILLS.


The young American-Swedish-French quartet create a very unique, intense and extraordinary rock atmosphere while at the same time having a major mainstream appeal that takes you right back to the time of BLUES PILLS’ ancestors Aretha Franklin, The Original Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Cream. Driving bass lines, grooving drums and guitar solos from another planet by the only 18 year old Dorian Sorriaux, harmonized and tied together with such easiness, such delight, by Elin’s incredible voice, sometimes singing in her mother tongue Swedish.


With the idea to take soul music, combined with blues and rock’n’roll and turn it into a new force of unimaginable energy, intensity and freshness, their blonde archangel & soul-saviour Elin Larsson will guide you gently into a new world, the band´s empire of soulful rock; her beautiful voice seems to be taking you beyond the stars to an infinite universe on a journey that appears endless in time, yet profound and revealing. Elin's powerful lyrics are full of emotions, her jazzy-soulful voice never falls into the trap of an aestheticization of kitsch, but unfolds an outstanding beauty itself with a refreshing new take on the timeless and unquestionably noble art of rock'n'roll, touching your soul.



Take some BLUES PILLS and dive into their world of musical visionariness at FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL 2014.

THE LONE CROWS will play Freak Valley Festival 2014


Minneapolis,MN heavy bluesers THE LONE CROWS will play Freak Valley Festival 2014 !!

THE LONE CROWS sound tight and focused, and yet the album buzzes with energy, bristles with power and blows you away in the sheer quality and diversity of heavy blues flowing into your ears. These four young guys LOVE the blues. Of course, there are echoes of a number of bands like Humble Pie, Led Zeppelin, Budgie and Creepy John Thomas, but what distinguishes THE LONE CROWS from being simply a copycat band is their ability to pull this all off with such credibility and panache.

THE LONE CROWS managed to combine "Louder Than Love" era Soundgarden with their heavy blues, and they achieve an excellent result.

Overall, THE LONE CROWS are not only a tight outfit, but also the real deal! We are really excited to see these guys live @ FVF 2014!!


ORESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE added to Freak Valley Festival 2014 lineup!!


Øresund Space Collective added to Freak Valley Festival 2014 line-up!!


Today we are announcing the 7th band for FVF 2014. This band will bring you a massive spaced out jam with a trip to outer space and back. We are happy to announce the amazing perfectors of improvised psychedelic space rock, the space cadets of ØRESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE!

The Øresund Space Collective is a super group made up of members from various Scandinavian rock groups. These include the Carpet Knights (SE), Mantric Muse (DK), Bland Bladen (SE), Gas Giant (DK), Sgt. Sunshine (SE), First band from Outer Space (SE), Siena Root (SE), My Brother the Wind (SE), The Univerzals (DK) and others. Most recently, the famous Danish guitar player, Claus Bøhling from Hurdy Gurdy (DK) and Secret Oyster (DK/UK) fame has played with them both live and in the studio.

The band has played numerous festivals around Europe including the Copenhagen Jazz Festival (2010), Kildemose Festival (Denmark), Roadburn Festival (Holland 2010), Space Rock Odyssey (Sweden 2008), Space Force 1 (Finland 2009), Psychedelic Network (Germany 2009), Slotsskogen goes Progressive (Sweden 2008), Occultrance Festival (Belgium 2011) Heavy Days in Doomtown (Denmark 2013). ØSC is an exciting live band and always gets the crowd moving and dancing to the improvised progressive psychedelic groove music.

The FVF presale has started and the tickets are selling like warm bread already! 


MOS GENERATOR will rock Freak Valley Festival 2014

Washington heavy rockers Mos Generator
Washington heavy rockers Mos Generator

!! Washington Heavy Rockers MOS GENERATOR announced to rock Freak Valley Festival 2014 !!

"If there's such a thing as fusing some soul into a doom palette, MOS GENERATOR has achieved that. Seldom will you hear an unambiguous merge between the two outside of BLACK SABBATH's "Sabotage". Tony Reed (guitar, vocals), Scooter Haslip (bass) and Shawn Johnson (drums) have tapped into a loud vibe featuring sinister and coarse nuances yet with something revealing far more heart".
Ray Van Horn Jr.- Blabbermouth

Mos Generator formed during the winter of 2000 in Port Orchard, Washington from the ashes of a ten year off & on collaboration between it's three members, all of which are long time veterans of road & studio. The need to strip down to the basics of hard rock was apparent from the start and continues to be the foundation for all the bands recent material. Mos Generator have released 5 studio albums, a retrospective album, and a live album on such labels as Roadburn, Small Stone, Ripple, Nasoni, and Lay Bare. Touring has been just as important to the profile of the band as making records has. Over the years Mos Generator has shared the stage with many great heavy rock bands and in March of 2013 they did a 26 date European tour with Saint Vitus, opening up a whole new fan base to the Mos Generator sound. On stage the band defines the word "chemistry". Revolving their sound around swagger and groove while improvising just enough to keep the songs feeling fresh from night to night...sometimes with interesting results.

Currently Mos Generator are working on a new record to be released in the spring of 2014 on Listenable Records with a European tour to follow in May. So far the new material is stretching the core sound of the band into some new and interesting directions. "We always try and push the heavy rock sound into other areas. Sometimes it's forced and sometimes we are letting natural and honest influences enter the equation. On the new material we are letting ourselves be open to whatever comes along."

"It’s as pure an example of heavy rock as I’ve heard." JJ Koczan - The Obelisk


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FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL - 29th-30th-31th May 2014

Blood Ceremony - Samsara Blues Experiment - Wo Fat - The Heavy Eyes - more tba soon !!

| No Fillers - Just Killers

STUBB will play Freak Valley Festival 2014


!! UK Fuzz Rock trio STUBB announced to play FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL 2014 !!



STUBB was formed in 2006 with Jack Dickinson on guitar and vocals, Aaron O'Sullivan on drums and Isa Bruni on bass. The power trios of the late 60's and early 70's were the blueprint for their loud driving, fuzzed up heavy blues rock.

In 2009, Chris West joined on drums and Peter Holland on bass (both also members of the band Trippy Wicked), solidifying the first classic line-up. The band recorded their first full length album for Chris West's label Superhot Records, and hit the road, gigging with such heavy rock luminaries as the Gentlemans Pistols, Firebird, Cherry Choke, Steak, Sungrazer and The Machine as well as appearing at Desertfest London to a packed house Purple Turtle. Making the trip over to Europe twice with Stone Axe from the USA further cemented Stubb's reputation as a solid live act with some serious chops. With the departure of Chris West, the band recruited Tom Fyfe, formerly of doom band Olde Crone, as the new drummer. Tom brings another new sound to the powerful rhythm section as they prepare to head to the studio to record the second album.


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Berlin psychedelic Bluesrockers SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMENT will play Freak Valley Festival 2014


SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMENT are a German four-piece who channel their musical forms in extended forays of psychedelic blues rock.

Formed in 2008 by guitarist Christian Peters, the Berlin-based group play a mixture of stoner rock, psychedelic blues, Indian raga, thrash metal and traditional folk. Their uniquely organic sound has earned them a reputation as one of the best new bands to rise out of the current heavy rock genre while their live shows are heralded as euphoric jams and cosmic voyages.

Extensive touring throughout Europe has put the band on stage with numerous icons. They have all witnessed the cosmic grooves and metaphysical energy of SBE’s psychedelic whirlwind. With elements of Pink Floyd, Canned Heat, Jimi Hendrix and Hawkwind the group capture the imagination with road born experience from the straightforward to the more subliminal. Numerous tours across Europe have established Samsara Blues Experiment as one of today’s greatest live acts in psychedelic hard rock. In their heady early days, the band made a bold trek to the US West Coast for a tour that extended from Los Angeles to Seattle with only a raw demo in hand.

In the five years since they have produced two superior studio albums titled Long Distance Trip (2010) and Revelation & Mystery (2011). Both discs showcase a playful musical journey that blends duel-guitars, pounding rhythms, retro styled jamming and hypnotic hooks in the tradition of classic krautrock.

In November 2013 the group will release their much-anticipated third album Waiting For The Flood on Electric Magic Records. The new compositions continue the band’s exploration within their exotic original sound fully vibrant in physical energy and seductively captivating.

(Written by Todd K. Smith - Biographer of FREE and UFO)



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BLOOD CEREMONY confirmed for Freak Valley Festival 2014


BLOOD CEREMONY - The masters of mixing evil doomy riffs with unsettling flute sounds, the band which sometimes is called the child of Black Sabbath and Jethro Tull – Canadian Blood Ceremony will play FVF 2014!!

Since the release of their sophomore album, Living With The Ancients, Blood Ceremony has worked hard to solidify their reputation as a worthy live act. Beginning with a well-received showcase at the prestigious Roadburn Festival, the band capped-off a series of 2011 European dates with Sweden's GHOST, playing a sold-out, headline show in London, UK. In the fall of 2011, they completed their first headlining tour of Europe, which saw the band received enthusiastically by fans in Scandinavia and Central Europe. This tour culminated in a performance at the Hammer of Doom VI Festival in Wurzburg, Germany. In 2012 they were direct support for GHOST on the highly successful "13 Dates of Doom" North American tour. Later in 2012, Blood Ceremony performed at Calgary's celebrated NOCTIS V Metal Festival.

"Only at a Blood Ceremony show are devil horns the correct response to a triumphantly raised flute." -- NOW MAGAZINE

After these live performances, Blood Ceremony enclosed themselves within a dank, tomb-like chamber to begin preparations for their third album. After a mind-numbing spell in the analogue womb of Toronto's ProGold Studios, the band is now ready to unveil their newest, and most accomplished, musical offering: The Eldritch Dark.

Recorded and mixed by producer Ian Blurton (Cauldron, Cursed) and mastered by Canadian recording legend Nick Blagona (Deep Purple, Rainbow, Crazy World of Arthur Brown), The Eldritch Dark is a full-length paean to the darker corners of folklore and legend. Containing eight tracks of black magic rock 'n' roll, the album crackles with the excitement of a nocturnal ritual.

Tales of witch-cult gatherings in wooded glens, pacts made in torch-lit abbeys and Victorian magic are accompanied by vintage-style hard rock riffs, snaking bass lines and stirring flute melodies. The Eldritch Dark also sees the band exploring a more folksier side of their sound; most evident in the hymn-like "Lord Summerisle" and the murderous folk-rock epic, "Ballad of the Weird Sisters". Nineteenth century sorcerer, Oliver Haddo, makes a return appearance in the riff-hypnotic album closer, "The Magician".


THE HEAVY EYES will play an exclusive show @ FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL 2014 !!


We are totally freaked out to announce that Memphis Stoner Blues trio THE HEAVY EYES will make their live debut in Europe with an exclusive show @ FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL 2014 !!

THE HEAVY EYES are a young rock trio from Memphis, Tennessee. Their sound can be described as stoner blues psych rock with very strong influences from the American rockscene 1969-73. The spirit of Cactus, Sir Lord Baltimore, Blue Cheer, Josefus and Mountain floats above this one all the way.
The music sounds fantastically warm and has been completely recorded with analog equipment … no, but it truly sounds like that, you’ll be surprised! A mixture of early Fu Manchu and Budgie, especially the vocals. The drums are massive and very Zeppelin-esque, the killer bass originates from Grand Funk.
THE HEAVY EYES are not trying to play slower, heavier, nastier, darker or any other boring adjective that bands these days seem to attribute to their music, The Heavy Eyes just want to play great, timeless rock and roll…and they do, they certainly do!

Texas riffmasters WO FAT announced to play Freak Valley Festival 2014 !!


Tearing through the speakers like a swamp monster summoned from some dark cosmic morass, Texas riffmasters WO FAT unapologetically blast out a southern fried, blues-infused version of Psychedelic Doom, conjuring up visions of hoodoo shacks, prowling undead, hell hounds at the crossroads, Lovecraftian cultists and ghouls, and worlds beyond where the riff reigns almighty.

WO FAT rose from the deep and began their psyche-doom-adelic quest circa 2003 when guitarist Kent Stump formed the band with drummer Michael Walter and bassist Tim Wilson. Their goal was to create a music that is crushingly heavy, but that stays within the paradigm forged by Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, ZZ Top and the other 70's greats. A music that allows for improvisational freedom, extensive jamming and interplay between the three members yet that, at the same time, allows them to crank out monolithic, fuzzed out, downtuned riffs, all the while staying true to the haunting blues that wail and moan deep within their souls.

Their 2006 release, “The Gathering Dark,” which was the first documented, hazy, smoke-filled trip in their ongoing Riff Quest, gave us the blueprint that they would expand upon in later albums.  This blueprint was a mixture of dark, Mississippi Hill Country blues, extended acid guitar freakouts and heavier-than-Led, Sabbath-style riffing. Wo Fat took things up a notch with their next album, “Psychedelonaut”(2009) and again with 2011’s “Noche del Chupacabra,” continuing to offer up even weightier and more crushing riffage coupled with moments of spaced out trippiness.  Both of these albums garnered much critical acclaim and helped to establish them as an up and coming force to be reckoned with in the Stoner/Doom world, with “Noche del Chupacabra” landing on a number of Top Albums of 2011 lists.

WO FAT has joined the Small Stone roster and, after another psychedelic journey to the hoodoo shack, is offering up a new epic album – “The Black Code” - five hefty slabs of classic Wo Fat analog fuzz, but this time, with a more sci fi related motif, full of cyber-visions of evil code, alien artifacts, doors to alternate dimensions and premonitions of digital horror.  Musically, Wo Fat is continuing further down the road of melding structured, groove-laden riffing with free-wheeling open improvisation, relying on heavy interaction and communication between the three musicians to take the music to new heights of sonic heaviness.  And not just a one dimensional heaviness.  Heaviness in groove, sound and feel as well as riff.  This is not cold, sterile, machine-like metal.  This is organic, earthy metal that is full of that elusive, deep, “way back yonder” funk that is so often the missing ingredient in this digital age in which we live.  No synthetic designer pharmaceutical here, but a pure, expertly cultivated, homegrown strain of Texas riffage.

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